A World Gone Mad

There is no denying it. There is a madness, a type of cancer that has taken hold of our world. Yes, this planet has never been at peace… mankind is what it is, we go our own way, but we are seeing a craziness at a level never seen before.

Governments everywhere, including here in the USA, have abandoned God, good government, law and order, common sense, and traditional Judeo-Christian values. They have jumped in with both feet into the dark and shadow without bothering to look back at seeing what they have already wrought.

Absurdity and hypocrisy are everywhere. The Left insists that we abandon fossil fuels NOW without even the slightest idea of a viable alternative. They complain of emissions produced by machinery, vehicles and the like, yet they cause our country to relinquish its energy independence to depend on foreign sources of energy. We now import more oil than we ever have causing great ships to emit millions of tons of pollutants with every trip across the ocean. The construction of needed additional pipelines has been halted even though they transport oil over thousands of miles with zero emissions. The prices are the highest they have ever been and its all blamed on Putin. 

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