About Reverend Nobody

It is written in Galatians 6:3, For if a man thinks himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceived himself. In another place, it is written that we ought to beware when men speak well of us. In yet another place, if any man thinks that he knows anything, he does not quite know as he should know.

Reverend Nobody extols the virtues of humility. Expose the pride of worldly life. Holds to a standard commanded by the Holy Spirit of God.  That standard is the perfection in that Holy Spirit Life. If perfection does not exist, God would not exist. Yet a Man walked on this earth, as a man, continuously in that perfection. His name is Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Jesus told the rich young ruler, if thou will be perfect, then commanded an action. Reverend nobody, and the Reverend Nobody’s of America, understand at minimum, that the maintenance of God’s standard cannot exist, while attempting to be somebody, be well know, famous, liked, thought well of, attractive to others, and all these American cultural sicknesses.

To be a reverend nobody and thereby have treasure in heaven, one should become a fool for Christ’s sake. Persecuted, hated, reviled, and possibly slain. Reverend nobody’s become serious about following Christ. The allurements of notoriety and fame are fleshly evil to be resisted.  Nothing absolutely nothing will stop a Reverend Nobody from obeying and submitting to the way, truth, and Life. Reverend Nobody accepts the possibility and even likelihood, of becoming a Martyr. They follow Jesus at any cost and find the way to experience the perfections that reside in the Life of the Holy Spirit. Join us in the ways of the eternal body of Christ.

About Russell Tripovich

Russell Tripovich was redeemed by the will of God in the month of September 1989. This redemption manifests as a continuous, never-ending transformation to him. Russell heralds the redeeming power of God’s grace with unwavering faith. Being redeemed, reconciled to God, and receiving the impartation of a regenerating Holy Spirit is so magnificently real, in truly experienced reality, to Russell, that he cares only to complete the mission commanded to him, by God’s command and will, before departing this earth.