Trust And Hope

This video was deleted outright on YouTube and Facebook. I believe as time moves forward, the content of the video will have proven to be intricate, in the future exposure, of the folly of trusting in a natural fallen man. Medicine and science do not trump Faith. Nothing overrides Almighty God’s preeminence. 
Thank both God and educated men, for developing medical drugs and cures.   Nevertheless, this worldwide “vaccine” push contains identifiable elements of destructiveness that cannot be swept under a rug. Decerning people who love God, cannot be eliminated. Marxist nature has this as its goal.
Learn from the 20th century. The outright worship of man, his veneration, his pride, his foolish utopian experiments, have, and will always will, fail. Jesus Christ and His Father will have the last word.

Russell S. Tripovich Jan 3rd, 2022 


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